Centre for Policy Alternatives on 23 August, 2007

Perspectives on Peace from Jaffna

Categories: Poll and Survey

After nearly two decades of strife and in the context of the on going truce between the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE, the people of Jaffna have been placed in the spotlight, receiving more national and international attention than before. On the eve of rebuilding Jaffna, Social Indicator (SI), the Polling Unit of CPA, initiated a series of surveys to ascertain the opinion of the people of Jaffna. The reports can be accessed as Adobe PDF files.

You can download below Peace Confidence Index (PCI):

  • Jaffna August 2003 Report (410 kb)
  • October 2003 Report (436 kb)
  • December 2003 Report (376 kb)
  • February 2004 Report (425 kb)
  • December 2002 Report (445 kb)
  • October 2002 Report in English (121 kb) and Sinhala (337 kb)
  • July 2002 Report (99 kb)

Perspectives on Peace from Jaffna
Perspectives on Peace from Jaffna