The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) was formed in the firm belief that there is an urgent need to strengthen institution and capacity-building for good governance and conflict transformation in Sri Lanka and that non-partisan civil society groups have an important and constructive contribution to make to this process. The primary role envisaged for the Centre in the field of public policy is a pro-active and interventionary one, aimed at the dissemination and advocacy of policy alternatives for non-violent conflict resolution and democratic governance. Accordingly, the work of the Centre involves a major research component through which the policy alternatives advocated are identified and developed.

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Capacity Building & Outreach Monitoring

Engaging at community level, CPA works with local government and community based organisations on capacity building local governance institutions, service delivery and income generation mechanisms, language rights and movement on reconciliation.

Public Interest Litigation

CPA's extensive Public Interest Litigation programme encompasses cases on fundamental rights as well as on the pre-enactment judicial review of legislation. Issues range from the rights of the internally displaced to electoral democracy, the independence of the judiciary and public service, freedom of expression and provincial devolution, land and language rights.

Civic Media

The award winning civic media initiatives Maatram, Vikalpa and Groundviews are institutionally anchored at CPA to give the fullest expression to narratives by citizens otherwise marginal to and erased from mainstream media.

Research and Advocacy

Research and advocacy through which CPA critiques public policy, identifies and advocates alternatives for democratic governance and peace with human rights as an overarching perspective, are a primary focus of the organisation and underpin its national and international recognition.

Social Indicator

The survey research unit of CPA conducts public opinion polling on a wide range of social and political issues, thereby uniquely informing opinion and policy making and the wider research and advocacy agenda of the organization. Social Indicator has pioneered the Peace Confidence Index in Sri Lanka and currently conducts a survey on peoples' perceptions and expectations of governance and government in Sri Lanka.