CPA Comms Officer on 10 May, 2022

Basic Communications Technology for Citizen Activists

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The “Basic Communications Technology for Citizen Activists” is a tri Lingual publication of the CPA in 2016, using simple language to introduce grassroots citizen activists to the most popular e-communications and new media platforms including G- Mail, YouTube, and Facebook among others.
In the modern era of impact-making social media activism, this simplified manual aims to educate emerging citizen activists on using the internet and social media to effectively and efficiently organize their communications and networking strategies.
The manual helps readers understand the basics of electronic communication and modern communication technologies and introduces readers to Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Viber and an online Unicode converter called Real-Time, which will help activists break language barriers in their online communications. Staying safe in cyberspace is given priority at every step of this
basic guide.
The manual also introduces readers to interacting with; innovative trilingual information and networking website available to citizen activists in Sri Lanka.

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