Centre for Policy Alternatives on 9 February, 2022

Confidence in Democratic Governance Index

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The Confidence in Democratic Governance Index was conducted in light of assessing the system of governance under the Gotabaya Rajapaksa regime that was elected to power in November 2019.

Although the current regime promised vistas of prosperity and splendor, the soaring cost of living, food shortages and the crippling economy has left the citizenry in disarray. The mismanagement and imprudent social, economic and political policies executed amidst a public health crisis, has resulted in a system of governance that has created a near humanitarian catastrophe.

Multiple presidential task forces headed by military personnel (or those with a military mindset) that bypass existing channels of democratic processes, coupled with an emphasis on Sinhala majoritarian supremacy, has been a few of the key highlights in the current regime.

In this context, the national survey aimed to gather public perception pertaining to the government’s performance and pledges, preferred forms of governance, the role of the military, an assessment on social conditions, the legitimacy of COVID-19 regulations and fair treatment during the pandemic.

The research study was conducted by Social Indicator (SI) the survey research arm of the Centre for Policy Alternatives.

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