Centre for Policy Alternatives on 6 April, 2016

SAMPUR: Documentary

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The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) has documented and litigated on land issues and the rights of affected communities for over a decade with specific focus on issues related to the war and post war context. One specific case where CPA has been active is the displacement of over 12,000 individuals in 2006 from Sampur, highlighting issues around displacement and the need for upholding the rights of the affected communities. As a result CPA has litigated and supported communities in their advocacy to reclaim their rights and return home, issuing several reports and statements over the years. On 9th March 2015, CPA welcomed the Government’s efforts to return land to the legal owners on 25th March 2016, lands were returned to legal owners, facilitating displaced communities to return to their homes in the area.

In its most recent initiative, CPA commissioned Kannan Arunasalam to direct a documentary on Sampur and to visually capture the narratives of the communities who have returned and continuing to return to their homes.