CPA Comms Officer on 23 May, 2022

Confidence in Democratic Governance Index (Wave 2): Report

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This survey report is the second wave of the Confidence in Democratic Governance Index, a scientific opinion poll that assessed public experiences as a result of the crisis, the causes for it, as well as the solutions to it from the lenses of the Sri Lankan public. As such, this study not only enhances ongoing political debate, but also provides data-driven research to policy makers, academics and various local and international stakeholders. This in turn supports a better understanding of the different dynamics prevalent among various social groups in society, which could help advocate for more sustainable policy interventions. The research study was conducted by Social Indicator (SI) the survey research arm of the Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Read the full report in English here.

Read the executive summary of the report in Sinhala here.

Read the executive summary of the report in Tamil here.