Centre for Policy Alternatives on 30 June, 2021

Socio-Economic Index in the face of COVID-19

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Given the current challenges faced by Sri Lankans as a result of the pandemic, it is important to understand views of the public and assess the extent to which it has affected livelihoods, social relations, access to healthcare and education.

Social Indicator, the survey research arm of the Centre for Policy Alternatives conducted an islandwide opinion poll between the 27th of February – 24th of March 2021 in order to assess the socioeconomic impact of COIVD-19. The topline report provides an overview on levels of satisfaction towards various institutions involved in mitigating the COVID-19 crisis, fair treatment of persons and intercommunity relations, levels of awareness and sources of information about the COVID-19 pandemic, coping strategies used due to financial constraints, access to and satisfaction towards education and healthcare.

Social Indicator’s Socio-Economic Index in the face of COVID-19 is available for download in English, සිංහල and தமிழ்.