CPA Comms Officer on 7 May, 2022

Dr. Asanga Welikala on Advocata Conversations: FULL DISCUSSION | Ep.02 | Murtaza Jafferjee

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CPA Research Fellow Asanga Welikala’s Advocata Conversation with Murtaza Jafferjee on the Sri Lankan Constitution. Issues discussed in this wide-ranging interview include the need for constitutional reform in addressing the current economic crisis, why the abolition of executive presidentialism is imperative for democratisation and the avoidance of future crises, and the design features of the Opposition’s Twenty First Amendment Bill.

Dr Asanga Welikala is a Research Fellow of the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA). He has been associated in various capacities with CPA for over 22 years. Asanga is a Senior Lecturer and the Head of Public Law, and the Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law, at the School of Law, University of Edinburgh.