Centre for Policy Alternatives on 9 April, 2016

The Western Region Megapolis Master Plan and the Megapolis Authority

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On the 23rd of April 2015, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal to commence the drafting of plans for the Western Region Megapolis Planning Project, and contemplates sweeping reforms in the agenda and policies concerning the economy & industry, infrastructure development, city planning, housing & relocation, and social welfare in the Western Province. Additionally, a draft bill of the Western Region Megapolis Development Authority of Sri Lanka Act (Megapolis Bill) is presently in circulation. The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) has, over the years, monitored and engaged with the State on several development and reform policies.

Considering the sheer scale of the policies and plans contemplated, CPA has prepared this memo highlighting some of the key constitutional, legal, governance and human rights issues and implications which may arise with the implementation of these proposals.

Download it from here.

Sanjana - Megapolis