Centre for Policy Alternatives on 17 January, 2022

Parliament: Law, History and Practice

  It gives us great pleasure to introduce this short treatise on the law, history, and practice of the Parliament of Sri Lanka. The colonial origins of the legislature go back to 1833 when a Legislative Council was first established to provide advice and consent to the Governor in the making of laws for the […]

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Centre for Policy Alternatives on 17 December, 2021

Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu’s speech on Human Rights Day 2021

17.12.2021, Colombo, Sri Lanka: Executive Director of the Centre for Policy Alternatives Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu spoke at an event to mark Human Rights Day 2021. Among the topics touched on were the increasingly authoritarian and ethno-majoritarian policies of the incumbent government, and the challenges faced by civil society activists under the current socio-political climate. Watch the […]

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Centre for Policy Alternatives on 17 December, 2021

Policy Recommendations On Preventing Violent Extremism in Sri Lanka

                  December 17th, 2021, Colombo, Sri Lanka: Violent extremism, especially amongst youth has persisted all over the world, carrying with it the potential to destroy the socio-political, cultural and economic fabric of societies in a trail of death and destruction. One feature of all this stands out […]

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Centre for Policy Alternatives on 17 December, 2021

A Commentary: Legal and Policy Issues related to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Sri Lanka

December 17th, 2021, Colombo, Sri Lanka: The COVID-19 health crisis has posed a range of unprecedented legal, political, economic and social challenges for Sri Lanka since March, 2020. While the government was successful in containing the first wave of COVID-19, the pandemic response has since unravelled, revealing issues with the heavily militarised and politicised approach […]

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Centre for Policy Alternatives on 15 December, 2021

CPA at 25: Reform and Reconciliation

                        Twenty-Five Years!   It has been a long journey of patient plodding and frequent frustration and then, in the memory, a shorter and exciting one too, of upholding principles in public interest litigation, electoral violence and malpractice, the ravages of war, a constitutional […]

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Centre for Policy Alternatives on 29 November, 2021

Comment: Legality of the State Response to the Right to Protest in the light of the Covid-19 Pandemic

November 29th, 2021: The right to protest, as manifested in the freedom of assembly, association, and expression, is an important feature of a democratic society that facilitates civic engagement in political processes beyond just voting at elections. This right is vital for the healthy functioning of a democracy, and while it is recognized that the […]

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Centre for Policy Alternatives on 18 November, 2021

Two Years

18th November, 2021, Colombo, Sri Lanka: Two years ago, after campaigning on a pro-nationalist platform promising a wide mandate, Gotabaya Rajapaksa took oath as Sri Lanka’s 8th Executive President.   To mark two years of his term in office, the Centre for Policy Alternatives looks back on some of the defining moments of his presidency […]

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