CPA Comms Officer on 6 April, 2023

Elusive Justice and Emblematic Cases in Sri Lanka

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The book examines the challenges faced by victims of past human rights abuses in Sri Lanka in their pursuit of justice. Despite facing numerous setbacks, including denials, intimidation, harassment, and surveillance, victims have persevered in their efforts to get answers about the fate of their loved ones. The State’s response to past violence has been characterized by denials and tactics aimed at delaying justice processes. Nevertheless, victim communities have engaged in decades-long agitation and mobilization efforts, resulting in the formation of initiatives such as the Mothers Front and protests for over 2000 days by families of the disappeared. Civil society organizations have also kept the issue of human rights and the need for justice alive through advocacy, documentation, and memorialization efforts. While a few cases have resulted in convictions, such as the Krishanthy Kumaraswamy and Embilipitiya cases, many others have faced setbacks at the investigations stage, with no immediate prospect of proceeding to trial. Overall, the book highlights the ongoing struggle for justice faced by victims of past human rights abuses in Sri Lanka.

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