Centre for Policy Alternatives on 17 August, 2017

This House is not a Home: The struggle for addresses and land in the estate sector

The workers of Sri Lanka’s tea estates have faced a myriad of challenges for as long as the industry has existed. A century and a half since the first plantations were introduced, these challenges still persist, along with several others that have arisen over time. Conditions in the estate sector continue almost unchanged, despite post-war […]

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Centre for Policy Alternatives on 21 June, 2017

An enduring fear: Aluthgama in 2017

The homes that were burned and the stores that were damaged have been rebuilt; Aluthgama’s infrastructure hides the violence that it recently bore. Three years ago, around Poson poya day that fell in the middle of the month of Ramazan in 2014, a destructive display of racially-motivated violence occurred that continues to haunt its streets, […]

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Centre for Policy Alternatives on 26 September, 2016

Trouble in Paradise: Tourism development and human rights in Sri Lanka

Development for tourism in some parts of Sri Lanka is a speeding train set on a collision course with the basic human rights of some of the island’s most vulnerable communities. The country recorded a 16.7% increase in foreign arrivals from 2015 to 2016 and new properties continuously spring up around the island. However, the […]

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Centre for Policy Alternatives on 6 April, 2016

SAMPUR: Documentary

The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) has documented and litigated on land issues and the rights of affected communities for over a decade with specific focus on issues related to the war and post war context. One specific case where CPA has been active is the displacement of over 12,000 individuals in 2006 from Sampur, […]

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Centre for Policy Alternatives on 31 March, 2016

SAMPUR: Documentary trailer

  Thousands of individuals from across Sri Lanka have been displaced for years, some multiple times. For over a decade, the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) has documented issues related to displacement and returns, advocating reform and litigating on unjust and arbitrary practices. Two cases CPA has followed closely for years, supporting litigation and advocating […]

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Centre for Policy Alternatives on 25 March, 2016

Catalogue and details: ‘Truth to Truth’ exhibition

The catalogue of the ‘Truth to Truth’ exhibition can be accessed here. The exhibition will run till the 28th of March at the JDA Perera Gallery, 46, Horton Place, Colombo 7, from 10am to 7pm. Some photos from opening night can be seen on below. The video of the panel discussion held on the opening […]

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Centre for Policy Alternatives on 7 March, 2016

Vilaasam – March 2016

March 5th, 2016 – The Outreach and Capacity Building team of the CPA, working together with the Central Provincial Council and the management of the Mocha Estate, helped provide addresses to 1,500 families of the plantation sector in Maskeliya. ‘Vilaasam’, a project inaugurated in 2013 began by providing road names and addresses to families living […]

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