Centre for Policy Alternatives on 8 March, 2017

Rising Above – Life, family and hope at Methsara Uyana

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The Centre for Policy Alternatives has for years documented the stories of people affected by the rapid development drive that occurred under the previous regime, when the Urban Development Authority commandeered evictions across Colombo to make room for what has materialised as mixed development projects that promise a luxurious future for those who can afford it.

It is the women in these communities who have been affected the most in this relocation as most have lost the ability to carry out their informal income-generating activities. In addition to taking care of their children in an unfamiliar and even unwelcoming residence, the dynamics of the new environment mean their previously-successful enterprises are now running at a loss.

To mark International Women’s Day (March 8th), CPA highlights the multi-faceted nature of the issues faced by women in this context. This piece contains narratives from several female residents of the Methsara Uyana complex in Dematagoda, one of the highrises where evicted families have been relocated to. It can be accessed here and has also been embedded below.

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