Centre for Policy Alternatives on 23 July, 2020

Sama Vimarshi: July 2020

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Initiated in 2000, සාමවිමර්ශී (Sama Vimarshi) July 2020 Issue is a critical examination into the timely issues on human rights, peace and conflict analysis, democratic practices, diversity and people’s participation in governance among many other contemporary key areas of concern in relation to the upcoming 2020 parliamentary elections. The journal includes independent narratives from representatives of mainstream political parties in addition to expert reviews on the political situation with the aim of strengthening civil society efforts towards expanding the democratic space in the country. The journal broadly addresses contemporary challenges in the socio-political events in Sri Lanka’s recent history in a timely and unbiased manner, with the primary objective of bringing these issues to closer attention of community readerships, academics, activists and policymakers alike, and of generating dialogue among people of diverse beliefs, norms and ethnicities through a bottom-up approach. 

The magazine can be downloaded in Sinhala and Tamil.