Centre for Policy Alternatives on 8 August, 2009

Media Communique 4: Jaffna MC & Vavuniya UC Elections 2009

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8th August 12:00 pm: The Centre for Monitoring
Election Violence (CMEV) reports a low voter turn from Jaffna Municipal
Council (MC) and Vavuniya Urban Council (UC) elections. As of 10 a.m.
CMEV reports 6% from Jaffna and 12% from Vavuniya. CMEV had received 2
major incidents of assault and 2 minor incidents of election offences
with regard to Jaffna MC and Vavuniya UC elections as of 11 a.m.  Two
incidents of assault had been reported from Puttalam (Jaffna MC) and

SLMC candidate Assaulted in Vavuniya UC
An incident of assault was reported to CMEV at 7:30am close to Polling
Station No. 1, at the V/Muslim Maha Vidyalaya,
Pattanichichipuliyankulam (Hall No. 1). A.L.M Munawfar candidate for
the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (preferential candidate No.2) reported
that he had been assaulted after returning from the polling station and
casting his vote. A.L.M Munawfar reported that he was confronted by Mr.
Rishard Badurdeen (Minister of Resettlement & Leader of ACMC) who
questioned Munawfar as to what he was doing in the area and
subsequently slapped him. Mr. A.L.M Munawfar stated that he received no
injuries. The incident was reported to CMEV by Mr. A.L.M Munawfar.

CMEV contacted Mr. Rishard Badurdeen regarding the above incident,
and Mr. Badurdeen denied any involvement in the incident and the
involvement of his supporters.

TNA supporter assaulted in Puttalam
An incident of assault of an ITAK supporter was reported to CMEV at 8:00am at (JMC 01) 4th Mile Post Camp.
Mr. S.H.M Nasir, the driver of Mr. Mohammed Aleem  Jamaldeen
(preferential candidate No. 02) of the ITAK/TNA, was transporting the
relations of the candidate by van bearing registration Plate No.
252-1167. The gang proceeded to damage the vehicle mentioned above. The
gang responsible for the attack is alleged to be associated with
Minister Rishard Badurdeen (Minister of Resettlement and Leader of the
ACMC). Mr Nasir identified one of the gang members being M. Mujahir who
is associated with the Minister. The gang travelling in a white pick-up
truck stopped the above vehicle and assaulted the driver. Witnesses
present at the incident did not see the number plate of the vehicle.
Mr. S.H.M. Nasir has subsequently reported the incident to Puttalam
Police (CIB 0290/57) and informed CMEV that an estimated 75,000/= of
damages was caused to the vehicle. Puttalam police and T.M.W
Jayasundera, Police Sergeant, confirmed to CMEV that they have received
the complaint and further investigations are underway.

Propaganda during polling in Vavuniya
CMEV reports reveal incidents of continuous campaigning in Vavuniya by political parties during polling.

An incident of continuous campaigning was reported to CMEV’s mobile
monitoring team at 8:30am within the vicinity of Kalaimagal Community
Centre, Mannar Road, Vavuniya, Polling Station No. 4. A van bearing the
registration plate number 57-9219 & trishaw bearing registration
plate number QP -8564 were used to transport voters and paste
propaganda posters. The CMEV mobile monitoring team stated that the
UPFA betel leaf symbol was displayed on posters that were pasted on the

When the CMEV mobile monitoring team drove by the V/Tamil Madya Maha Vidyalaya, (Hall No. 1), Vavuniya, Polling
Station No. 10 at 7:25am, numerous election propaganda leaflets
belonging to Mr. Ranganathan Pathmanathan (Preferential No. 05) of the
UNP had been seen scattered in front of the polling station.

Media Communique 4: Jaffna MC & Vavuniya UC Elections 2009