Avatar Centre for Policy Alternatives on 16 February, 2016

Convergence: On Religious Diversity and Freedom in Sri Lanka

The last three decades of Sri Lanka’s history is largely defined by violent conflict, especially in the North and East of the country. Since that war came to an end in May of 2009, we have also seen the rise of extremist religious and other racist groups, including from within the Buddhist clergy. CPA travelled […]

Avatar Centre for Policy Alternatives on 3 February, 2016

Why Do We Need A New Constitution?

  This booklet is compiled by the Citizens Initiative for Constitutional Change. In an easy-to-read, simplified manner, the book describes the need to architect a new Constitution for Sri Lanka and what principles must be reflected in it. Download the booklet in Sinhala here. Download the booklet in Tamil here.  

Avatar Centre for Policy Alternatives on 13 January, 2016

Citizens’ Initiative for Constitutional Change – Press Briefing

A collective of civil society organisations called the Citizens’ Initiative for Constitutional Change (CICC) organised a press conference on January 12th in Colombo, to give publicity to the process of collecting citizen input to feed into the government’s current constitution-making exercise. Speeches from the press conference can all be accessed in a playlist embedded below; […]

Avatar Centre for Policy Alternatives on 10 December, 2015

Commemorating International Human Rights Day 2015: Some Reflections on the Situation in Sri Lanka

With the political transition in 2015, Human Rights Day this year provides us an opportunity to reflect on the situation in Sri Lanka, identify areas for improvement and work towards realising greater respect, protection and promotion of human rights for all citizens. We have experienced and continue to experience a multiplicity of human rights challenges […]

Avatar Centre for Policy Alternatives on 1 December, 2015

An Introduction to the New Constitution

This booklet contains a collection of suggestions that can be taken into consideration if Sri Lanka is to have a new Constitution in the near future. These suggestions are specifically derived upon analyzing South Africa’s and Kenya’s Constitutions. The booklet would be most useful as a source for the public for information on constitution-making. Download […]

Avatar Centre for Policy Alternatives on 13 November, 2015

Bring them home: The long search for Sri Lanka’s ‘disappeared’

The Presidential Commission to Investigate into Complaints Regarding Missing Persons (the Commission) was established on 15th August 2013 under Gazette No. 1823/42. Over a year into its mandate, the Commission continues to operate under circumstances that raise serious concerns in respect of the search for truth, justice and accountability in Sri Lanka. The Government of […]

Avatar Centre for Policy Alternatives on 20 October, 2015

Introduction to Public Participation in Constitution Making

CPA hosted a meeting for Civil Society to introduce its Programme on Citizen Participation in Constitution Making on the 13th of October at the OPA, Colombo. Senior Researcher from CPA Outreach, Lionel Guruge introduced attendees to the objectives of the proposed programme, which are mainly to ensure that citizen recommendations and aspirations were included in […]