Centre for Policy Alternatives on 10 December, 2015

Commemorating International Human Rights Day 2015: Some Reflections on the Situation in Sri Lanka

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With the political transition in 2015, Human Rights Day this year provides us an opportunity to reflect on the situation in Sri Lanka, identify areas for improvement and work towards realising greater respect, protection and promotion of human rights for all citizens.

We have experienced and continue to experience a multiplicity of human rights challenges in Sri Lanka. What is captured here merely highlights some developments in Sri Lanka in 2015 and areas that require attention.

It is by no means an exhaustive overview of the human rights situation in Sri Lanka but provides a glimpse into the many areas that must be given attention without further delay and the reforms that are urgently required.

This story carries data from the latest wave of CPA Social Indicator’s ‘Democracy in Post-War Sri Lanka’ that is to be released later this month.

The immersive story can be accessed here.