Centre for Policy Alternatives on 15 June, 2012

Vinayagamoorthy Kohilampal Vs Basil Rajapakse, Minister, Ministry of Economic Development

Categories: Public Interest Litigation submissions

(SC FR 309/2012)

On 15th June 2012, Centre for Policy Alternatives, supported 7 Petitioners originally from Sampur to file a Fundamental Rights petition (SC FR 309/2012) challenging their continued inability to access private property in Sampur and Gazette Extraordinary No. 1758/26  (17 May 2012) which demarcated their properties in Sampur as a “Special Zone for Heavy Industries”. The Centre for Policy Alternatives supported this group to file a Fundamental Rights Petition in 2007 (SC FR 218/2007 and 219/2007) on the same matter when a High Security Zone was created. This case is to be taken up on 23rd July 2012.