Centre for Policy Alternatives on 15 February, 2016

The Road to Temple Trees – Sir Ivor Jennings and the Constitutional Development of Ceylon: Selected Writings

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Editor: Dr H. Kumarasingham, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London

The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) was pleased to publish the above volume on 18th December 2015. Sir W. Ivor Jennings (1903-65) was a critical player in the negotiations for Ceylon’s independence and the key architect of the constitution that was in operation between 1947 and 1972. Jennings contributed to the public life of the young Dominion not only as the first vice-chancellor of the University of Ceylon, but as an international authority on British and Commonwealth constitutions and politics, he quickly became the principal constitutional adviser and influential confidante of D.S. Senanayake since his arrival on the Island in 1941. In that capacity he provided invaluable advocacy and expertise that decisively influenced Ceylon’s case for self-government. First written in the late 1940s and published for the first time on his 50th death anniversary on 19th December 2015, this volume contains Jennings’ writings on his personal role in obtaining Ceylonese freedom and the high politics that characterised that era. Introduced and expertly edited by Dr H. Kumarasingham, this volume is a privileged and insightful first-hand account that uncovers the unique story of the road to independence.

Copies of the book are available free of charge at CPA. Those wishing to obtain copies are kindly requested to contact Asanka (Publications Department) on 0112081384-6 extension 119 or email on [email protected] or you could collect your copy from our Head Office located at No: 6/5, Layards Road, Colombo 05.