Centre for Policy Alternatives on 28 July, 2014

The Budget Process in Sri Lanka: Local and National Issue Analysis and Recommendations

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Book 2 English A5

This booklet is the outcome of the project aimed at Reconnecting Citizens and Local Authorities in the North, in Pradeshiya Sabhas. The objectives of this project were to increase citizen awareness and participation in the budget and planning process, and to foster more efficient and accountable PS’. This would increase the democratic strength of PS, as they reflect local citizens and their concerns much more effectively. During the last years of the project we have come across different experiences such as the Yakkalamulla workshop on participatory budgeting (discussed in the booklet). Some public galleries as a result of this have become active in the measures we have recommended. Information sharing has also increased. Other benefits will become clear within the discussions of the issues and recommendations in this booklet, as the importance of transparency and accountability will be clear throughout.


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