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For many years during the ceasefire discussions and after I worked closely with CPA in Sri Lanka. A small, effective, dedicated group of people who believe deeply in a plural, diverse, democratic Sri Lanka, and who believe courageously in public policy based on facts. I’m supporting them and encourage everyone to do the same.

Bob Rae, the 21st Premier of Ontario, Canada

CPA is and has been an extraordinarily important institution, in Sri Lanka and internationally. It offers a combination of forward thinking, balance and genuine expertise that is all too rare. I have been honoured to participate in its activities in the past and I continue to follow its work with interest.

Cheryl Saunders
Laureate Professor, Melbourne Law School,
Director of Studies, Government and Public Law
Melbourne Law Masters

The CPA is quite simply the most outspoken, credible, and fair-minded civil society group in Sri Lanka. Without the CPA there would be virtually no independent and credible domestic critique of the Sri Lanka Government’s authoritarianism and other excesses.

Edward Mortimer
Sri Lanka Advocacy Campaign

CPA is one of the brave and credible Think Tanks in South Asia. It has had a distinctive role and voice, not just in Sri Lanka, but in discussions on the future of human, rights, democracy and public policy more generally. It has been animated by core constitutional commitments to fulfil the yet unrealised promise of a better democracy, more freedom, more effective governance and a world in which people are not targeted for their ethnicity. While infused with a normative passion, CPA has also rigorously pursued research into many of the most pressing issues of our time. Such organisations need to be supported. They are a necessary part of a vibrant democracy, an eco system that values knowledge, and the exercise of public reason.

Pratap Bhanu Mehta
President & Chief Executive
Centre for Policy Research

The Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting which was recently held in Sri Lanka demonstrated vividly the importance of Human Rights and governance issues in a country’s development. It’s final Declaration emphasizes the primacy of good governance and the observance of democratic norms especially as Sri Lanka moves forward in this post- war phase.

The work that the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) has done over the years in shining a light on the many areas of State action that need to be corrected has thereby received the highest commendation. There is much that has been done but much more remains to be be done before we reach the promised land of peace, ethnic harmony and social justice.

CPA’s field of work necessitates eternal vigilance and unremitting commitment and in this it has been well served by a splendid team exceptionally led by a man of the highest integrity. As a founding father of the institution and a long time Board Director I am intimately aware of its capacity and potential. What it needs most at this critical time in our country’s journey is funding and resources to accomplish its tasks. Of determination and courage to do so it has no shortage.

Deshamanya Bradman Weerakoon

Sri Lanka has been at relative peace for nearly five years. Yet, in that time, the nation has not taken sufficient steps to build effective democratic institutions or strengthen the role of civil society. Without such progress, the promise of peace may never be fully realized in Sri Lanka. That is why the Centre for Policy Alternatives’ work is so vital and deserves the support of everyone who cares about the people of Sri Lanka.

Richard L. Armitage, 13th United States Deputy Secretary of State

The unparalleled track record of achievements of CPA under Sara’s leadership has drawn in many sponsors, most of them multi lateral agencies and international NGO’s with strict benchmarks for assessment of the outcomes, delivery of promises and efficient, effective and professional management of resources optimizing quality and productivity.

Chandra Jayaratne
Former Chairman, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce,
Sri Lankan of the Year 2001
Chartered and Cost & Management Accountant and Retired Chief Executive Officer, Aviva Insurance, Sri Lanka.

The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) is the leading research and advocacy public policy centre in Sri Lanka, focusing on governance, peace and human rights protection. In the last decade, it has taken the lead, in hostile circumstances, against the culture of impunity and continuing human rights violations in Sri Lanka. Its impressive record in this respect has to be sustained and supported.

Maja Daruwala, Director Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, New Delhi

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