Centre for Policy Alternatives on 31 January, 2010

Post-election violence: Media Communiqu? No. 2

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31st January 2010
Colombo Sri Lanka
: CMEV remains gravely concerned
regarding the continued trend of post election violence, which is the
highest seen when compared with the 1999 (76 incidents) and 2005 (39
incidents) Presidential Elections. The total number of incidents of post
election violence recorded following the polls on the 26th of January 2010 stands at 85 incidents, of which 18 incidents have
involved the use of firearms.

The 46 Major incidents recorded as of today, include 19 cases of
Assault, 9 cases of Threat and Intimidation, 8 cases of Arson, and 5
cases of Grievous Hurt. The majority of complaints – 50 out of an
overall total of 85 incidents, are against the UPFA, of which 29 are
Major incidents. In terms of the geographical spread, of the 46 major
incidents, the highest numbers have been recorded in the Kurunegala and
Kandy Districts, with 10 and 5 incidents respectively.

CMEV remains concerned that as previously reported, complainants and
victims continue to insist on anonymity on the grounds of personal
security, adding that making complaints at the Police often leads to
information regarding the complaint being relayed back to the
assailants, resulting in further attacks. We also have reason to believe
that there are many more incidents that are not reported even to us.

CMEV reiterates its call to the President, the political leadership
of all parties, and the Police to deter their supporters from
propagating post election violence, and to take necessary action in
order to bring those responsible to book. The need of the hour is to
ensure governance and respect for the rule of law, and reconciliation,
which are only hindered by post election violence.