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Peace Support Group (PSG) Statements – 2000 to 2006

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A complete list of statements by the Peace Support Group (PSG), from 2000 to 2006. The Peace Support Group included the following members:

  • Ms. Sunila Abeysekara
  • Mr. Sunil Bastian
  • Ms. Radhika Coomaraswamy
  • Mr. Sunanda Deshapriya
  • Mr. Rohan Edrisinha
  • Mr. Kethesh Loganathan
  • Mr. Jehan Perera
  • Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu
  • Mr. Javid Yusuf
  • Mr. Jeevan Thiagarajah
  • Mr. Joe William

The full list of statements are as follows, and are each available for download below:

  1. Call for an end to killings and a return to negotiation for peace in Sri Lanka – 22nd June 2006
  2. PSG calls for talks on ceasefire as a matter of the utmost priority – 9th January 2006
  3. PSG statement to Jakarta Tsunami Relief Donor Conference – 6th January 2005PSG calls for strengthening of human rights and respect for humanitarian standards – 10th August 2004
  4. PSG calls for constructive cohabitation to advance the peace process – 21st November 2003PSG calls for strengthening public faith and confidence in the peace process – 14th July 2003
  5. PSG calls for putting peace process back on track – 27th May 2003PSG Welcomes Commencement of Formal Talks in Thailand – 16th August 2002
  6. PSG calls on all parties to strictly abide by ceasefire Agreement (CFA) and assistSLMM in its monitoring functions – 19th July 2002
  7. PSG Urges Timely Implementation of Ceasefire Agreement and Early Commencementof Direct Negotiations – 27th June 2002
  8. PSG calls for respect for human rights and humanitarian norms in theimplementation and monitoring of cease-fire agreement – 28th February 2002
  9. PSG stresses pivotal importance of human rights – 16th January 2002PSG welcomes cease fire announcements by Government and LTTE- 31st December 2001
  10. PSG claims election verdict is a mandate for peace11th December 2001An open letter to all political parties – An agenda for peace(General Elections 2001) – 30th October 2001
  11. PSG calls on political parties to declare positions on ethnic conflict- 29th October 2001PSG warns of escalation of violence and calls for immediate casefire- 1st October 2001
  12. PSG welcomes PA-UNP dialogue – 24th August 2001PSG calls for ceasefire and re-activitation of the peace process [also releasedas an advertisement in the local newspapers] – 15th August 2001
    Peace Support Group calls for an interim government of peace & reconciliation
    [also released as an advertisement in the local newspapers] – 18th July 2001
  13. PSG proposal for revival of peace process – 7th June 2001PSG urges government and LTTE to ceasefire and engage in talks – 4th May 2001Statement submitted to the UN Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) at its 57thSession, March / April 2001 – 5th April 2001
  14. PSG calls on government and LTTE to proceed to direct talks – 15th March 2001Call for ceasefire and immiediate negotiations on political solution – 4th January 2001PSG condemns attacks on groups and individuals committed to the peace process- 26th February 2001
  15. Joint Statement for Paris Aid Group meeting – December 2000PSG Calls for Immediate Halt of Hostilities – 04th August 2006 in English, Sinhala

Download all the press releases and statements as a ZIP file from here. Clicking on ‘psg.html’ after unzipping the file will give you easy access to each of the statements,which can also be easily opened directly on Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader (or equivalents).