Centre for Policy Alternatives on 21 September, 2013

Northern Provincial Council Election 2013 – Communiqué No 7

Categories: CMEV Reports

On 20th September 2013 / 08.10h/ Northern Province/ Mannar District/ Mannar Electorate/ Pesalai UPFA party office

As reported by CMEV monitor in the area, UPFA Mannar District candidate No 6, Mr. Robert Pieris, organized dry rations to be distributed on the night of 20th September 2013.

On 20th September 2013 from 6.00 – 8.00 pm : Northern Province: Jaffna District, Electorate, Chavakachchari, Kodikamam area:

Villagers from Palavi and Katchai have reported to CMEV monitors that a large number of youths are roaming these villages. The villagers reported their fear that the presence of the youths could result in electoral violence and malpractice. CMEV urges relevant authorities to take immediate action to prevent any such violence or malpractice.

On 20th September 2013/ 11.00 a.m/ Northern Province/ Jaffna District/ Manipay Electorate

CMEV received a report of posters of UPFA candidates on the sides of the following roads; Manipay Road, Uduvil Road, Anaikoddai Road, Sangilipai Road, Maradanamadam Road, Chunnakam Road. The said posters were of the following UPFA candidates;

1. Mudiappu Remidios- candidate No. 18

2. Abdul Hameed Nafman Siras Mohamed- candidate No. 04

3. Kodeswaran Rushangan- candidate No. 12

4. Nadarajah Thamilalagan- candidate No. 14

5. Naganathi Ponnampalam – candidate No. 16

New posters of the following TNA candidates were seen:

1. Iynkaranatsan Ponnuthurai

2. Tharmalingam Sitharthan

3. Emmanuel Arnold

There were also fresh posters of Democratic National Alliance (DNA) candidates, mainly down the Uduvil Road. The candidates are:

1. Senathirajah Krishnakumar

2. Kankaratnam Loganathan

3. Sivasunthari Manokaram

Additionally it was noted that the deployment of army personnel has increased noticeably. The increase of military personnel was visible along the following roads: Manipay/ Jaffna Main road, Sangilipai Main road, Savalkaddu road and, Anaikoddai road. It was stressed that members of the military moved freely and frequently on the said roads, thus making the presence of the army felt more strongly.

On 19th September 2013 at 12.30 pm in Northern Province, Jaffna Electoral District, Kangkesan Thurai Electorate.

CMEV monitor reported that he went to Arasadi Road, Kollangalati, where he witnessed military personnel using black oil to deface posters of all candidates. Thereafter no posters were visible in the area. Whilst the military was so engaged, vehicles (registration No NP KW 1603 and CP PE4685) belonging to UPFA candidate Shiras and with posters of the candidate displayed on them, were seen at the same place.

On 19th September 2013 at 12.53 p.m: Northern Province Jaffna Electoral District, Odupidi Electorate.

As reported by a CMEV monitor in Odupidi, from the 10th of September 2013 a significant military presence has been observed in the area. On the main roads of Odupidi and on by roads, a significant number of military personnel have been deployed.

19-09-2013/ 20.00h/ Northern Province/ Mannar District/ Mannar Electorate/ Tharapurram

As reported by CMEV monitor in the area, villagers from Vellankulam and Ganeshapuram were transported from these villages to Tharapuram by UPFA supporters and given dry rations. It was noted further that the villagers were transported in 3 CTB buses. The CMEV monitor further confirms that the distribution of dry rations was organized by UPFA candidate No. 4, Mr. Abbas Abdul Rifkhan.

19-09-2013/ 20.15h/ Northern Province/ Mannar District/ Mannar Electorate/ Pesalai

As reported by CMEV monitor in the area, UPFA supporters were provided with dry rations to be distributed amongst the people of the 4th and the 8th housing colonies of Pesalai. Currently the dry rations are stored at the residences of two of party supporters identified as Rani and Stephen whose full names were not revealed for security concerns. They live down K. V. Road, Pesalai. The rations are to be distributed on the night of the 20th.

19-09-2013/ 23.15h/ Northern Province/ Mullaithivu District/ Mullaithivu Electorate/ Muliavilai

It was reported that an election meeting of the UPFA candidate Mr. Sivalingam Sathish Kumar contesting under number 03 in Mullaithivu district, was held at the garden premises of a UPFA supporter Mr. Thiyagaraja Arulvendan near the Katta-Vinayagar Kovil (Hindu temple). About 35-40 persons have attended the meeting. A villager, Mr. Kanapathypillay Dushyanthan of Mulliyawallai Central, Mulliyawallai informed CMEV about the meeting. He stated that the meeting had started around 10 pm and by the time he had called CMEV, around 11.15pm, the meeting was still going on.

19-09-2013/ 23.17/ Northern Province/ Mannar District/ Mannar Electorate/ Mannar town, Tharapurram, Puthukkudiyairuppu

As reported by CMEV monitor posters of the following UPFA, TNA, UNP and SLMC candidates, respectively were put up in the aforementioned areas:


1. Candidate No. 04 Mr. Abdul Abbas Rifkhan

2. Candidate No. 06 Mr. Robert Pieris


1. Candidate No. 03 Mr. Irudayanathan Charles Nirmalanathan


1. Candidate No. 02 Mr. Abdul Kaseem Rahumathulla


Candidate No. 08 Habib Mohamed Rayees

The aforementioned posters appeared mostly in the following areas: Karisal, Olaiththuduwai, Puthukkudiyairuppu, Thottaweli, and Tharapurram

19-09-2013/ 23.53h/ Northern Province/ Vavuniya District/ Vavuniya Electorate/ Cinna Cippikulam, Cheddikulam

As reported by CMEV monitor, UPFA candidate No 7, Mr. Mohideen Kani Sego Munajithu and around 8 to 10 supporters of the UPFA have done house-to-house visits and handed cash to residents in the Cinna Cippikulam village within the Cheddikulam DS Division in Vavuniya. The report also indicates that the campaigning was carried out in the vehicle bearing registration number NP-JP 7100.

20-09-2013/07.39h/ Northern Province/ Jaffna District

UPFA candidate Mr. Angajan Ramanathan still continues his campaigning via short messaging system, conducted through a message centre identified by the number +46701326101. This was reported by a CMEV monitor who received the text message.

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