Centre for Policy Alternatives on 20 September, 2013

Northern Provincial Council Election 2013 – Communiqué No 4

Categories: CMEV Reports

On 18th September 2013 at 11.30 a.m: Northern Province, Jaffna Electoral District, Chavakachchari Electorate at Mirisuvil Durgaiamman Kovil, Chavakachchari.

Mr. Arunachalam Balakumaran, Member of Chavachacheri Urban Council (TNA) – a witness to the incident- reported that, around 12.00 p.m, a group of 25 to 30 people were distributing UPFA propaganda material near the Mirisuvil Durgaiamman Kovil in Chavakachchari. Mr. Arunachalam Balakumaran alleged that this group was connected to the military and that two military officers in uniform were also seen providing protection to the group distributing UPFA hand bills.

Mr. Arunachalam Balakumaran contacted CMEV at around 2.20 p.m at which point he stated that he was been chased by a group connected to Military. It was alleged that the Army attacked the group of persons who were with him and were campaigning for TNA. CMEV was also told by Mr. Arunachalam Balakumaran that the OIC of Kodigaman Police station, Mr. Edirisinghe, was present at the Marathankulam Pilleyar Kovil, the place where the victims sought refuge.

CMEV contacted Kodigaman Police Station and was informed that the OIC had gone to investigate an incident with a mobile team. CMEV then contacted the OIC Edirisinghe, who asked us to get back to him in a short while. Although CMEV tried several times to contact OIC Edirisinghe, we were unable to contact him until 4.30 p.m. At this point the OIC stated that, a minor incident had occurred near the Marathankulam Pilleyar Kovil but as there was no official complaint lodged with the Police he could not release any information. He further stated that he had asked the relevant persons to come to the Kodigaman Police Station to make a statement. The Police reiterated that there was no involvement of the military in this incident. CMEV has been unable to contact Mr. Arunachalam Balakumaransince this afternoon for further comment.

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