Centre for Policy Alternatives on 28 March, 2010

Monitoring election violence in Sri Lanka Parliamentary Election 2010: Media Communique 5

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28 March 2010, Colombo, Sri
CMEV expresses its deep concern about the flagrant
misuse of public property for electioneering and the inactivity of
responsible officers in arresting the situation. Attacks on party
offices and supporters increase in the lead up to the election. CMEV
calls upon the leaders of two main political parties in and their allies
to act to prevent further violence and to take effective action against
members and supporters who have perpetrated violence.

Obstruction to CMEV Field Monitor

CMEV learns that a camera belonging to the CMEV Field Monitor in
Nikaweratiya, Nihal Chandrasisiri, has been snatched by a man in a white
Hi-ace van at around 07.15 pm today while he was photographing a
damaged UNP Party Office in Nikaweratiya.

CMEV Field Monitor informed CMEV that the candidate number and the
name of UPFA candidate Johnston Fernando were displayed on the back
mirror of the vehicle. His name was displayed as’Jhony’ in Sinhala. CMEV
monitor was unable to identify the vehicle number.

CMEV learns that at the time of the incident the Police were also
present at the location to investigate the attack on the UNP party

According to the instruction given by the CMEV Secretariat, CMEV
Field Monitor has lodged a complaint at the Nikaweratiya Police Station.

CMEV will write to the Election Commissioner and the IGP in this

CMEV unreservedly condemns this obstruction of the work of election
observers by the politicians and their supporters.

Clash between UPFA supporters in Mirissa

CMEV Field Monitor reported that a clash between a group of
supporters of the incumbent Minister of Cultural Affairs and National
Heritage and UPFA candidate, Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena(candidate no 03)
and a group of supporters of UPFA candidate, Lakshman Yapa
Abeywardena(candidate 01) at Mirissa Junction, around 12.30 pm toady.

CMEV contacted Yamuna Punchihewa, a UPFA member of the Weligama
Pradeshiya Sabha(PS) and a supporter of Lakshman Yapa Abeyawardena, who
stated that they were obstructed by supporters of Mahinda Yapa near the
Mirrissa Junction when they came in a procession from Kamburugamuwa. She
further said that the perpetrators attacked them with wooden batons,
stones and glass bottles. He also alleged that they were carrying a

According to Yamuna Punchihewa, two UPFA members of Weligamuwa PS
namely Susantha Jayalath and Pushpakumara Bettage were amongst the

CMEV contacted Susantha Jayalath who informed CMEV that a tense
situation arose after supporters of Mahinda Yapa hooted supporters of
Lakshman Yapa who were near the Mirrissa Junction. He said that he
intervened to control the situation. He categorically denied that they
assaulted the supporters of Lakshman Yapa and stated that no one carried
fire- arms.

CMEV contacted the Weligama Police Station, Mr.Mahesh, OIC of the
Weligama Police Station, informed CMEV that they rushed to the scene of
the incident once they were informed. He further stated that they
managed to disperse the crowd before the situation worsened.

AITC supporter threatened in Warani, Jaffna

On 28th March, CMEV received a complaint from AITC
candidate, S.Subramaniyam(candidate no 11) alleging that K.Arumugam, one
of his supporter was verbally threatened by Y.Yogachandran, who claims
to be a EPDP supporter, in Warani North at around 04.00 pm today.

According to Subramaniyam, he was threatened not to campaign in the
Kudathanai area as the area “belongs” to the EPDP and was he to do so,
he was told that he would be killed.

On contacting the Kodikama Police Station, CMEV learnt that no
complaint has been lodged with the police as yet.

Repeated intimidation to UNP supporters in Norwood

On 27th March R.Kalaivanan, a UNP supporter, made a
complaint to CMEV that members of his family are continuously
intimidated by Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) supporters, an ally of
UPFA. He alleged that the incumbent Minister of Youth Empowerment and
Socio Economic Development and UPFA candidate Arumugam
Thondaman(candidate no 10) threatened them to remove their shop located
at No.02,Maskleiya Road Norwood immediately. He further alleged that he
instructed the OIC of the Norwood Police Station to take immediate
actions against him and his father Mr.Rajendran, Opposition Leader of
the Ambagamuwa PS.

Repeated attempts to contact Mr. Arumugam Thondaman were not
successful as he was in a meeting.

When CMEV contacted the Norwood Police, OIC Saman Kumara informed
CMEV that Arumugam Thondaman visited the area on 26th March
for campaigning but that no quarrels occurred during the visit as

Public property misuse in Polonnaruwa

On 28th March CMEV Field Monitor reported that a bus
(03sri-9868) belonging to the Mahaweli Authority was used to transport a
group of UPFA supporters from Welikanda to Kalahagala for campaigning
activities on 27th March.

CMEV contacted the residence project manager, Ranjith Perera who
confirmed that the bus belongs to the authority and that he has strictly
instructed the staff not to use any vehicles for electioneering.  He
said he was not aware of this incident.

04 UNP party offices damaged in Sooriyawewa

CMEV Field Monitor informed that 04 UNP party offices have been
attacked by an unknown group, yesterday 27 March in the Sooriyawewa

According to CMEV Field Monitor, attacks were carried out between
01-04 am and campaigning materials were set fire to by the perpetrators.

CMEV learnt that the offices were maintained by 04 UNP supporters
namely U.K.Gunadasa, H.H.William, T.L.Ranjth and G.G.Thanuja Sampth.

When contacted H.H.William, a UNP supporter, alleged that the attacks
would have been carried out by the UPFA and they would not make a
complaint to the Police because they lacked trust in them.

When contacted, the Sooriyawewa Police Station, Sergeant Ratnaweera
stated that they had not as yet received a complaint.

UPFA supporters attacked in Pottuvil

On 26th March, CMEV Field Monitor reported that National
Congress Organizer for Pottuvil, M.A.Majeed, and a group of National
Congress supporters, an ally of UPFA, were attacked with stones at a UNF
meeting held in Pottuvil.

According to CMEV Field Monitor, they were attacked by UNF supporters
gathered at the meeting after UPFA supporters in a van (WP HM 6975)
intentionally knocked down a pillar of the pavilion set up for the

CMEV learnt that a tense situation arouse after the clash and
Mr.Majeed and two Police Officers namely M.Aleem(PC 49821) and Indula
Athula Mudali, Traffic OIC of the Pottuvil Police Station were injured.
Mr.Majeed was initially admitted to the Pottuvil District Base Hospital
and then to the Akkraipattu Base Hospital.

CMEV contacted M.S.M.Marsook,Chairman Pottuvil Pradeshiya Sabah(PS).
He informed CMEV that he and Mr.A.M.M.Thajudeen, Vice Chairman of
Pottuvil PS were arrested by the Police on 26th March and
released on bail the following day.

When CMEV contacted the Pottuvil Police to get further details
regarding the incident an officer who did not reveal his name refused to
give any details regarding the incident and stated that they have
already released the necessary details to the media.

UNP supporter attacked in Kattankudi

On 24th March N.M.Nishad, a UNP supporter, was attacked
allegedly by a group of supporters of UPFA candidate
M.A.M.Hisbulla(candidate no 03) in the Main street Kattankudi at around
08.10 pm while he was returning to his residence after a UNP meeting
held in Kattankudi. The victim sustained grievous injuries on his left
hand and was admitted to the ward no 14 of the Batticaloa Base Hospital.

When CMEV contacted Mr.Hisbullah, he denied the involvement of his
supporters in the incident.

CMEV Field Monitor visited the Kattankudi Police Station and
confirmed the incident. According to him, a complaint (EIB 166/111) has
been lodged with the Police by the victim and further investigations are
underway regarding the incident.

ITAK supporters arrested in Vaharai

On 26th March ITAK candidate, Mr.Ariyanendran (candidate
no 01) made a complaint to CMEV that the Vaharai Police obstructed
vehicles of his supporters and arrested 12 ITAK supporters as well as
took into custody a vehicle in Vaharai at around 12.25 pm.

CMEV learnt that 06 of them were released by the Police on 26th March at around 02.30 and the other 06 at around 08.00 pm on the same

According to Ariyanendran, the Police have not yet stated the reason
for the arrests and that their vehicle is still in the custody of the
Police. Ariyanendran further alleged that they experienced the same
problem with the Vaharai Police during the last Presidential Election.

CMEV repeatedly contacted the Vaharai Police Station to get further
details regarding the incident but was not successful as no one
officially responded to the queries.

Attack on UPFA party office in Kaleliya

On 27th March UPFA candidate Anjan Umma(candidate no 04)
made a compliant to CMEV that her party office located in Hansgiriya,
Kaleliya was attacked allegedly by a group of supporters of UPFA
candidate Kokila Harshani Gunawardhana(candidate no 21) on 25th March at around 11.00 pm.

When CMEV contacted Sampath Wickramasinghe, coordinating secretary of
Anjan Umma, alleged that Kokila Harshani Gunawardhana was present at
the scene and that the perpetrators came in two Jeeps and a lorry and
they could not identify the vehicle numbers.

When contacted Kokila Harshani Gunawardhana categorically denied her
involvement in the incident.

CMEV learnt that no complaints have been lodged with the police in
this regard.

As of 28th March CMEV has confirmed 235 incidents of
election related violence including 141 Major Incidents. The Use of
Fire- arms and the Misuse of Public Property has risen to 36 and 40

Major Incidents include 48 incidents of Assault, 40 instances of
Public Property Misuse, 22 incidents of Threat and Intimidation, 09
instances of Damage to Property, 07 instances each of Arson, Hurt and
Grievous Hurt and 01 of Robbery.

CMEV has received 169 complaints against UPFA and its allies, of
which 46 were by party members. The UNP is accused in 11 incidents. In
45 instances, the party affiliation of the perpetrators is not
identified. CMEV has also received 03 complaints against the EPDP and 01
complaint each against the DNA and ITAK and an independent group
contesting in the Badulla District.

All CMEV reports and communiqués and the CMEV Incidents
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