Centre for Policy Alternatives on 21 February, 2013

Language and Humanity

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We were embroiled in a devastating war for thirty long years. Our habit of not honouring the Tamil Language deems to be the cause for such war. At the beginning , due to the suppression of demands, demonstrations and agitations, the resolving of the problem was assigned to gun powder. Through this, we have destroyed the human, material and intellectual resources which belonged to all races of our country is an unusual way. But the worst of all is that we have eliminated our humanity.

The war has ceased. But the causes for eruption of war has not ceased. Hence, at least the necessary wisdom should now prevail. As an initial and a sustainable step, Sinhala and Tamil languages should be treated in an equal and justifiable manner. I think that this booklet will provide the necessary guidance in this regard.

My highest regards are due to Mr. Lional Guruge of the Community Participation Programme Division, Centre for Policy Alternatives who encouraged me in this endeavour.



Download the book here.