Centre for Policy Alternatives on 2 May, 2009

Jayalath Jayawardena Vs. Attorney General (SC FR 396/09)

Categories: Public Interest Litigation submissions

In May 2009 a petition was filed by Jayalath Jayawardena along with other petitioners seeking to challenge, interalia, the failure on the part of the respondents to grant permission to the Petitioners to visit the Wanni area and the welfare centers established in Mannar,Vavuniya and the government hospitals preventing them from visiting the said areas.

Both parties indicated to Court that on application made by the petitioner, the Commander of the Army permitted the petitioner and a contingent to visit the Camps of Internally Displaced Persons. Mr.Weliamuna stated that his client if he wishes will make an application to the authorities and for them to consider it in the same manner in which they dealt with earlier application. Subject to that these proceedings were terminated.