Centre for Policy Alternatives on 6 January, 2017

CPA Working Papers on Constitutional Reform | Working Paper 11 & 12

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6 January 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka: The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) is pleased to publish two more Working Papers in its series on constitutional reform. Working Paper No.11, by Daniel Garcia, adopts an unequivocally left-wing ideological standpoint in arguing against the inclusion of socioeconomic rights in any future constitutional document, from the perspective of the empirical experience of Latin America and the theoretical perspectives of the critical left. In Working Paper No.12, and from the opposite end of the ideological spectrum, Dr Asanga Welikala makes the liberal-constitutionalist argument against the inclusion of justiciable socioeconomic rights in the future bill of rights in Sri Lanka.

Download the PDFs of the Working Papers here.


All Working Papers in the series can be downloaded from http://constitutionalreforms.org

The series is a product of the partnership between CPA and the Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law in support of the Sri Lankan constitutional reform process.