Centre for Policy Alternatives on 1 June, 2009

CPA receives threatening letter

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CPA received this letter on 1st June 2009 via the post. The scanned Sinhala original is available as a PDF to download, along with the English translation.


The wretched war that lasted throughout 30 years has now come to an end. Blood thirsty wicked terrorists were finished from this country. That happened in such a way that even their carcass didn’t mix with the Sri Lankan ( Lak Polawa ) soil. That is through the dedication of the present government, fearless military commanders and heroic warriors born in our motherland. And also, through the sacrifice of their bones, flesh and streams of blood. Furthermore, this was achieved by defeating the activities of the wretched traitors like you who commit evil things against “Mother Lanka”.
Even though the terrorism is now over we have been observing the behaviour of people like you who were dependent on them, and who appeared for them. We know that you have got furious of this marvelous victory of our motherland. And also we know about the conspiracies you engage in, even at the moment, in alliance with the International. When the entire country was enjoying the bliss of liberating the motherland you did not even hoist the National flag.
Now you (Thopa) also must get together for bestowing the honor for the warriors.
Parallel to “Ranaviru Upahara” (Honoring the Warriors) celebration you must,

  • Throughout that week you should close down all the places of your institute, which has become a bane to the entire country, and should display the National flag and also display a banner bestowing your honor to the warriors (Ranaviru).
  • You should donate One Million rupees to the “Api Venuven Api” account as an honor to those Warriors who were lost to the motherland and who got disabled due to your traitorous course of action.
  • Furthermore, you should certainly stop all the programmes conducted by your institute which are detrimental to the Sovereignty, Unitary nature, and Dignity of this country.
  • Stop abetting Terrorism and Separatism.

We are carefully watching your course of action in the future as well.
Let us destroy the conspirators. Let us march forward fearlessly. Let us protect Mother Lanka.
Sri Lankans affectionate towards the Motherland

CPA receives threatening letter