Avatar Centre for Policy Alternatives on 22 March, 2017

Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas 2017: Finalist

22 March 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka: The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) is pleased to announce the ‘Corridors of Power’, a path-breaking project marrying constitutional reform and theory with architecture, is a finalist in Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas 2017 awards, under the Urban Design category. As noted online, “Fast Company sifted through more than […]

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Avatar Centre for Policy Alternatives on 8 March, 2017

Rising Above – Life, family and hope at Methsara Uyana

The Centre for Policy Alternatives has for years documented the stories of people affected by the rapid development drive that occurred under the previous regime, when the Urban Development Authority commandeered evictions across Colombo to make room for what has materialised as mixed development projects that promise a luxurious future for those who can afford […]

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Avatar Centre for Policy Alternatives on 4 February, 2017

Behind the scenes: The making of luxury spaces in Colombo

In 2013 – 2014, at the height of evictions and involuntary relocations across the city by the then Ministry of Defence and Urban Development, the community at Station Passage was always mentioned by other affected communities as a case where the relocation process was a positive one. The residents were going to have their new […]

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Avatar Centre for Policy Alternatives on 3 February, 2017

RTI in Sri Lanka – 2017

The Right to Information Act comes into effect today – the 3rd of February 2017. Here are some key facts on the act’s purpose, the information accessible through it and how to get about filing a request for information. Access the act in English, Sinhala and Tamil.  

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Avatar Centre for Policy Alternatives on 9 December, 2016

Sri Lanka: A review for Human Rights Day 2016

Human Rights Day (December 10th) gives us an opportunity to reflect on the successes and more importantly, the failures in addressing human rights-related issues in Sri Lanka, and to hopefully use this evaluation as a guideline for the years ahead. This is not an exhaustive overview but provides an insight into issues that have been […]

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Avatar Centre for Policy Alternatives on 26 September, 2016

Trouble in Paradise: Tourism development and human rights in Sri Lanka

Development for tourism in some parts of Sri Lanka is a speeding train set on a collision course with the basic human rights of some of the island’s most vulnerable communities. The country recorded a 16.7% increase in foreign arrivals from 2015 to 2016 and new properties continuously spring up around the island. However, the […]

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Avatar Centre for Policy Alternatives on 7 September, 2016

Call for crowdfunding: Strengthen & support CPA’s work in Sri Lanka

7 September 2016, Colombo, Sri Lanka: In 2016, CPA turns 20. What does 20 years give us? Perspective – the experience few others have to see how things evolve, why things matter, and how to shape intended outcomes. Knowledge – we have worked at every level of civil society since, and at times with some […]

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