Centre for Policy Alternatives on 8 June, 2010

Assessment of Eastern Province Recovery: The Public Perspective

Categories: CMEV Reports

The Eastern Province began to experience a new political climate after the entire Province was brought under Government control in 2007. The Provincial Council began to function for the first time since 1987, following the election held in 2008. The government launched its’ mega-development project – Nagenahira Navodaya – in order to develop the war affected province.
In this context, one year after the establishment of the Provincial Council, the importance of assessing the change from the viewpoint of  those in the Eastern Province was strongly felt than ever before. Hence, Social Indicator – Centre for Policy Alternatives ventured into the survey – ‘Assessment on  Eastern Province Recovery’ – which investigates the public opinion on key themes of democracy, human rights and development.
In this regard, the finding of this survey would provide valuable insight into the changes that the people in the Eastern Province are experiencing at this important juncture where the country is striving for the reconciliation of its war affected communities.