Centre for Policy Alternatives on 28 July, 2014

An Introduction to the Local Authorities (Special Provisions) Act No.21 of 2012 and Local Authorities Elections (Amendment) Act No. 22 of 2012

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The laws of a country, which are the basis for the establishment of order in society, cannot by their nature remain static but need to be adapted to the changing needs of society. Amendment of legislation is therefore needed for several reasons:

• To ensure the rule of law and equality for all citizens before the law.
• To address limitations and shortcomings in existing laws.
• To safeguard peoples’ representation in decision making and administrative planning processes.

As such, amendments are made to regularize laws and render them relevant and responsive to changing circumstances.

Legislation related to Pradeshiya Sabhas, namely the Pradeshiya Sabha Act, No.15 of 1987 has also undergone a number of amendments to-date. Namely Amendment No 34 1993 to section 1331 of the original Act and Amendment No 14 in 1999, which amended Sections 9A and 9B2 of the original Act and Amendment No 24 of 2012 which amended sections 4, 133 (Replacement) and 169 of the original Act.


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