Outreach Unit

CPA’s Outreach Unit officially commenced operations in January 2007 with an Awareness Raising Program on Local Governance. Prior to the formation of the Outreach Unit, the core team members of this Unit, however, have had the experience of working in CPA’s Peace and Conflict Analysis Unit for almost five years. Outreach Unit strives to increase awareness and understanding of the fundamental convictions held by CPA on peace, democracy and good governance, among the Public and particularly among the Rural Stakeholders with a particular emphasis on youth and women’s groups.

Outreach Unit is mandated with complementing CPA‐initiated interventions by spreading awareness among citizens to facilitate an informed public dialogue on relevant issue towards an overall goal of peace, democracy and good governance.

The Unit has an extensive network of contacts among NGOs, CBOs, Youth Organizations and Local Authorities in Sri Lanka. The Outreach Unit has the advantage of support and co‐operation from the other units of the CPA as well as the widespread recognition of CPA’s credibility and performance since its inception. Through CPA, a solid donor base of financial and resource support has been established and stable INGO linkages maintained which help in the drawing of expertise and information.

In general its activities include:

  • Awareness Raising Workshops, for Youth, Provincial Council members, Secretaries and LA Officials & Representatives and Community Leaders
  • Production and Distribution of Periodical and One off Publications
  • Creation and maintaining of strategic networks eg CSO, NGOs, Schools and University contacts, Provincial Council and Local Authority contacts as well as encouraging them to maintain inter community linkages with each other
  • Functioning as a communication intermediary between rural stakeholders and central policy and decision makers.

Among its major strengths is a base of trained, experienced & dedicated staff, resource personnel and a contact base of consultants who are established experts in their relevant subject areas.

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