Sri Lanka Parliamentary Election 2010: Postal Voting, Media Communiqu? 1

25th March 2010,
Colombo, Sri Lanka
CMEV field reports reveal that
candidates and their supporters engage in electioneering within the
vicinity of postal voting centres.

Western Province

Kalutara Pradeshiya Sabah

At around 09.20 am, CMEV Field Monitor reported that a ‘12X6’ cut-out
of incumbent Minister of Nation Building and UPFA candidate Rohitha
Abeyagunawardhana(candidate no 03) and another cut-out of Nirmala
Kothalawala(candidate no 09) were displayed within the vicinity of the
Kalutara Pradeshiya Sabah(PS).

CMEV contacted Geethani, the Secretary and Certifying Officer of the
Kalutara PS, who told CMEV that she had instructed the officials to
remove the cutouts yesterday.  She assured CMEV that she will take
speedy measures to remove the cutouts. Sixteen (16) postal votes were
registered at the Kalutara PS.

Zonal Education Office Meerigama

According to the CMEV Monitor, two women claiming to be
representatives of UPFA candidate Basil Rajapakshe(candidate no 16) are
recording the details of individual postal voters of the respective
centre. They verbally threatened the CMEV Monitor when he questioned
them about this. Two postal voting centres are situated in the
department. One hundred and sixty one (161) and ninety-one (91) votes
were recorded at these centres. A similar incident was reported from the
Survey Department, Meerigama. Twelve (12) postal votes were registered
at the department.

On contacting his office, CMEV was informed that Mr Basil Rajapaksha
was not available as he was in a meeting.

Sabaragamuwa Province

Deraniyagala Pradeshiya Sabha

At around 09.30 am, CMEV Field Monitor reported that a ‘10X5’ cutout
of UPFA candidate, H.R.Mithrapala(candidate no 03) was displayed within
the premises of the Deraniyagala PS. Another cutout of UPFA candidate
Kanaka Herath(candidate no 04) was also prominently displayed at the
entrance gate of the Deraniyagala PS. Ten (10) postal votes were
registered at the Deraniyagala PS.

According to the CMEV Field Monitor, a jeep (WP JR 3456) belonging to
Mithrapala was also parked within the premises of Deraniyagala PS.

Southern Province

Akuressa Depot

At around 09.30 am, CMEV Field Monitor reported that a medium size
cutout of UPFA candidate Manoj Sirisena(candidate no 05) was displayed
within the premises of the Akuressa Depot. Seventeen (17) votes were
registered at the centre.

North Western Province

Mundalam Divisional Secretariat

At around 09.30 am CMEV Field Monitor reported that a large number of
posters of UPFA candidate, Victor Antony (candidate no 06) were pasted
on the wall of the Mundalam Divisional Secretariat. Fifty (50) postal
votes were registered at the centre.

According to CMEV Field Monitor, within the 50m radius of the
Mundalam Divisional Secretariat small size cutouts of UPFA candidate
Milroy Ferenando(candidate no 10) were displayed along the road.

Nathandiya Divisional Secretariat

At around 10.10 am, CMEV Field Monitor reported that a van (NW HU
9813) decorated with the propaganda material of UPFA candidate Arundika
Fernando(candidate no 04) was parked opposite the Nathandiya Divisional
Secretariat. Sixty one (61) postal votes were registered at the above

Northern Province

Valvettiturai Urban Council

At around 10.15 am, CMEV Field Monitor reported that two ACTC
supporters on motor bicycles issued pocket calendars and handouts in
support of ACTC candidates Gajendra Kumara Ponnambalm(candidate no 02)
and Sinnathurai Varatharajan(candidate no 10) opposite the Valvettiturai
Urban Council.  According to the CMEV Monitor, the Valvettiturai Police
Station is located nearby.  Twenty three (23) and fifty-nine (59)
postal votes were registered respectively from Valvettiturai Urban
Council and Valvettiturai Police station.

Eastern Province

Zonal Education Office, Pattiruppu

At around 10.40 am, the CMEV Field Monitor reported that a white
Dolphin van (62-5039) with the photographs and posters of TULF
candidate, Krishnapillai known as Vellimali (candidate no 03) was parked
inside the Zonal Education Office.  Two hundred and forty one (241)
postal votes were registered from the department.

Centre for Policy Alternatives

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