Presidential Election 2010: Media Communiqu? No. 8

At 12.20 pm today, a
bus containing UNP supporters was shot at on the Thalunna road in the
Hungama area in Thangalle. Ms. Kusumawathie Kuruppuarachchi who
suffered gunshot wounds to the stomach was initially admitted to the
Thangalla hospital. She was subsequently transferred to the Matara
hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead
on arrival at the hospital, as confirmed by ward 6 staff of the Matara
hospital. 2 other persons with injuries were admitted to the Thangalle

Also, at 1.00am this morning an unknown group lobbed a grenade at
the house of SLMC supporter Mr. M.B.S. Hussein’s located in Ottamawadi,
Valachchenai. Mr. Hussein called the police at the time of the incident
and the police arrived at the scene shortly after.  No persons were
injured, however windows, doors, and furniture of the house were
damaged. The CMEV monitor was informed of this incident by Mr. L.T.M.
Furkhan Pradeshiya Sabha member Valachchenai.

Read the full CMEV report here.

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