Centre for Policy Alternatives on 30 July, 2009

Views from Jaffna: Pre-election public opinion poll, July 2009

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July 30, 2009: Social Indicator (SI), the survey research unit of the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA), in collaboration with Home for Human Rights (HHR) conducted an opinion poll amongst the people living in the Jaffna municipal area to assess their views in relation to the upcoming Municipal Council election. This poll did not intend to forecast the election results but rather to assess the views of the residents in terms of their optimism or pessimism about  their future, political interest and participation, and how they view the upcoming election.

This poll was conducted amongst 880 randomly selected eligible voters in all 23 Wards in the Jaffna municipal council.  A total of 36 field researchers –men and women- participated in the field data collection using a structured questionnaire. The field work of the poll was conducted from 22nd to 24th July 2009. Even though sample was distributed uniformly across all the wards, data was weighted before the analysis to reflect the actual population proportion at the ward level. The results of this poll is subject to + or – 3.3% error margin.