Centre for Policy Alternatives on 4 December, 2007

The Centre for Policy Alternatives Vs. Minister of Defence (SC FR 424/07)

Categories: Public Interest Litigation submissions

On 4th December 2007, CPA filed a Fundamental Rights case seeking relief and effective redress in respect of the infringement of the fundamental rights of a large section of Sri Lankan society.

The subject matter of this application concerns the arbitrary arrest of over 2000 Tamils in Colombo and suburbs and detention of 400 of them in police stations and the Boosa camp in Galle. Many of the persons who were arrested and detained were not informed of the reasons for their detention and subsequent arrest.

Further the Petition stated that the aforesaid actions of the Minister of Defence has resulted in the infringement of the Fundamental Rights of the people guaranteed under Articles 11, 12(1), 13(1), 13(2), 13(5), 14(1)(g) and 14(1)(h) of the Constitution.