Strategic Plan 2024 – 2026

This strategic plan has been designed as per CPA’s mandate to be an independent civil society organization providing innovative policy alternatives through research, advocacy and capacity building to strengthen and safeguard peace, human rights and democratic governance. The organization has displayed a great deal of resilience in implementing these strategies and determination to stay the course in the face of much opposition. This has yielded positive results, and recognition as a leading civil society organization. The plan is forward-looking and aims to endorse people-centered justice and the rule of law to build a more inclusive and resilient civil society. It balances the feasible with the observable building on CPA’s strengths and investing in the Organization’s ability to contribute to new areas and benefit from emerging opportunities. Further, CPA is conscious of the role it has played, continues to and must play in fulfilling its mandate for Sri Lanka. This Strategic Plan in this respect will be our compass and guide in this endeavor.

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