Centre for Policy Alternatives on 11 January, 2010

Presidential Election 2010: Media Communiqu? No. 5

Categories: CMEV ReportsElection Monitoring

As of 8th January
2010, CMEV has confirmed a cumulative total of 281 incidents of
election related violence of which 117 incidents have been categorized
as Major. Of these, 36 incidents are of Assault, 31 are of Threat and
Intimidation, 18 of Grievous Hurt, 7 incidents of Hurt, 6 incidents of
Attempted Murder, 11 cases of the Misuse of State Resources and 4
incidents of Robbery and Arson respectively. The total number of
incidents involving the use of firearms is 38. In addition, 164
incidents have been categorized as Minor.

Out of 117 Major incidents, 85 incidents have been reported against
the ruling UPFA – this being the highest number reported against any
one party. Of the total figure of 281 incidents, the UNP had been
accused as the perpetrator in 15 incidents and the JVP in 6. Incidents
of violence are increasingly being reported from the Southern province
(67), North Western province (44) and North Central province (39).

CMEV reiterates its concern about the upward trend in election
related violence and calls upon all concerned, especially the Election
Commissioner and his officials, the Police and political parties to
take all necessary steps to deter such violence and to deal with those
who are responsible for it. We call on all presidential candidates to
demonstrate their commitment to eradicate political violence and

Read the media communique in full, with more details on incidents reported, here.