Centre for Policy Alternatives on 22 January, 2010

Presidential Election 2010: Media Communiqu? No. 17

Categories: CMEV ReportsElection Monitoring

As of 19th January 2010, CMEV
has confirmed a cumulative total of 658 incidents of election related
violence of which 295 incidents have been categorized as Major. Of
these, 5 incidents are Murders, 5 are Attempted Murders, 78 are Assault,
81 are Threat and Intimidation, 30 are Grievous Hurts, 35 are Hurts, 36
are cases of Misuse of State Resources and 12 are Robberies and 13 are
Arsons. The total number of incidents involving the use of firearms is
95. In addition, 363 incidents have been categorized as Minor.

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