Centre for Policy Alternatives on 21 March, 2010

Parliamentary Election 2010: Media Communique 2

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Colombo, Sri Lanka: As of 20th March, CMEV has recorded a cumulative total of
146 incidents of which 87 have been categorized as Major. The number of
incidents involving the Use of Firearms has risen to 29.

Some of the recent incidents of election related violence are
highlighted below. Download as Sinhala
or as Tamil

Arson attack on Lorry of UPFA supporter, Eravur, Batticaloa

On 20th March at around 12.30 am a lorry belonging to UPFA
supporter, Ibrahim Raheem, was set on fire by an unidentified group in
Gandhi Road, Eravur. A complaint (ECIB 29/10) has been lodged with the
Eravur Police Station by Ibrahim Raheem in this regard.

CMEV Field Monitor visited the scene of the incident recorded a
statement from Ibrahim Raheem. He informed the CMEV monitor that he is a
UPFA supporter and that his vehicle is used for UPFA campaigning. 
According to the CMEV monitor, the front part of the lorry has been
completely burnt as a result of the attack.

A.C.M.Sayed, Officer in-charge of UPFA candidate, Ali Zahir
Moulana(candidate no 02) told CMEV that his vehicle is used to transport
furniture for the UPFA meetings and he is an active supporter of the

C.G.A.S.Piyaratne, OIC, Eravur Police confirmed to CMEV that the
incident had occurred and stated that further investigations are

Attack on UNP vehicle convoy in Alankuda, Puttalam

According to A.M.Husain, SLMC working committee member, on 19th March 2010 at around 04.00pm a UNP party office located near ‘B’ Camp
,Alankuda was attacked by a group of supporters of incumbent Minister of
Re-settlement and Disaster Relief Services and UPFA candidate for Vanni
District, Rishard Badiudeen(candidate no 01). Jamsir, a UNP supporter,
sustained minor injuries on his left hand due to the attack.

At around 08.00pm another attack on a vehicle convoy of UNP
candidates Noordeen Mashoor(candidate no 05), A.K.S.Hameethu(candidate
no 01) and M.H.Rinos(candidate no 08) was carried out by the supporters
of Rishard Badiudeen near the play ground Kalmunaikudi-B, Alankuda.
Thirteen (13) vehicles were damaged due to the attack and the estimated
loss is 240,000Rs, according to Mr.Hussain.

Mr.Hussain further alleged that the STF was also involved in the
incident and had assaulted the UNPers.

Minister Rishad Badiudeen was not contactable.

CMEV Field Monitor visited the Kalpitiya Police Station on 20th March to get further details regarding the incidents, but the Police
did not provide any information. Attempts by the CMEV secretariat to get
details from the Police were also not successful.

CMEV has recorded 09 incidents from the Puttalam Electorate of which
07 are from Kalpitiya Police area. Only one complaint had been lodged
with the Kalpitiya Police. In two cases complainants directly alleged
that the Police is biased towards the ruling party and that they have no
trust in them.

Alleged mislead of voters in Chilaw

On 20th March CMEV learnt that a letter dated 05th March 2010 under the signature of the President of Sri Lanka Freedom
Graduate Association, Udula Nuwan Pathirana, has been circulated in
Chilaw, Puttalam. The letter requests graduates who wish to be employed
in the government sector to go house -to -house campaigning for the UPFA
for at least 20 days.

CMEV contacted Udula Nuwan Pathirana who denied the allegation and
stated that a letter is being circulated within the Chilaw Polling
Division with his forged signature. He also stated that he has informed
UPFA organizer for the Chilaw electorate and candidate, Neomal Perera
(candidate no 07) of this.  CMEV contacted Neomal Perera who stated that
he was not aware of the circulation of such a letter.  He categorically
denied the allegation that the party has decided to provide jobs only
to those who campaign for them.