Centre for Policy Alternatives on 15 September, 2013

Northern Provincial Council Election 2013 – Communiqué No 2

Categories: CMEV Reports

As at 4.30 pm on Sunday 15<sup>th</sup> September, the following reports of election –related violence in the Northern Provincial Council election have been received by CMEV:

<b>13<sup>th</sup> September 2013, Kodikamaam Electorate, Jaffna Electoral District, Northern Province:</b> CMEV field monitor reported that CID officers had questioned TNA supporters about leaflets they were distributing and had informed the police to arrest them. Police arrested 04 supporters of TNA candidate Mr. Chandralingam Sugeerdhan (Candidate No 14). When contacted Kesawan Sajanthan (Candidate No 13) confirmed the incident and mentioned that the police had informed them that they were in breach of election law. Kodikamam Police Station confirmed the incident.

<b>On 13<sup>th</sup> September 2013, A32 Road, Maravanpuli Junction, Chavakachcheri Electorate, Jaffna Electoral District, Northern Province: </b>Ten supporters of Mr. Kajadeepan (Candidate No. 17), TNA were campaigning in the above mentioned area when at around 5pm an unidentified group accosted them and beat them with poles. The attackers fled the area in a vehicle (No: 59-3641). Gnanaprakasham Kishor and Raj Kumar Rajindan were admitted to the Chavakachcheri Hospital (Ward Number 6) at 7.55 p.m. When contacted, Police Sergeant Arjan Sunil confirmed that such incident had occurred and that the Police was investigating it further.

<b>On 14th September 2013, in the Point-Pedro electorate, Jaffna Electoral District, Northern Province: </b>According to eyewitnesses who wish to remain anonymous for security reasons, on the 14<sup>th</sup> a number of individuals attached to military intelligence and the EPDP obstructed a TNA meeting. They had told people not to attend the TNA meeting, which eventually took place in the vicinity of the community hall where it was originally scheduled, because of military and EPDP actions. When contacted by CMEV, TNA candidate Mr. Sugeerdhan said that the EPDP and some personnel attached to Intelligence had obstructed the rally. When contacted, Sub -Inspector R.P. Lalith of the Point –Pedro Police said that the owner of the land of Bharathi Community Hall, Uduththurai, had withdrawn the written permission he had given for the use of his premises for the rally. Accordingly, a separate venue had to be arranged for the meeting. Police denied receiving any information regarding allegations of damage to a loudspeaker unit in this incident.

<b>15th September 2013, Siruppiddi South, Kopai Electarate, Jaffna Electoral District, Northern Province: </b>Banana and beetroot cultivations belonging to TNA supporters living in Siruppiddy area have been destroyed. When CMEV monitors spoke to the villagers, they named UPFA supporters as the perpetrators on the grounds that the latter have been demanding an end to TNA election rallies. One of the affected villagers, Mr. Uthayarasa, estimated that he has lost at least Rs. 20,000 due to vandalism on his banana cultivation. Achchuweli police confirmed that they have received such a complaint from two villagers (Aiyanpillay Rathnasamy Complain No. MOIB 234-39 and Manikkam Udayakumar MOIB 236-40) and had sent Police Officers to the locations.

CMEV observed that the police had recorded this incident elsewhere and not in the EIB book. Villagers however allege that supporters of UPFA candidate Mr. Abdul Hameed Nauman Siras Mohammed are responsible for this attack. CMEV contacted the latter. He denied any involvement in the incident and stated that he had provided considerable assistance to the people of Siruppiddy village.

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