Centre for Policy Alternatives on 26 May, 2009

CPA welcomes the end of military hostilities – 22 May 2009

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22 May 2009: The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) welcomes the end of military hostilities in Sri Lanka’s protracted ethnic conflict and the alleviation of suffering it brings to the tens of thousands of civilians who were trapped in the fighting. We salute their resilience and pay our respects to our fellow citizens who sacrificed their lives and who sustained grievous injuries to bring the military hostilities to a conclusion. We hope that that the grave and continuing human rights and humanitarian challenges faced by internally displaced civilians and a political settlement to the ethnic conflict, will be rapidly addressed within the framework of peace, national unity and reconciliation, thereby ensuring that the grievances that led to violent conflict in our country in the past will not be reproduced.

Download the PDFs for the full press release in English, Tamil and Sinhala.