Centre for Policy Alternatives on 19 August, 2015

Colomboscope: Shadow Scenes (Exhibition)

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Introducing #MyColombo, an exhibition curated by International Alert Sri Lanka and Cinnamon Colomboscope at Cinnamon Colomboscope: Shadow Scenes (Exhibition).

Colombo is the political nerve-center and economic hub of Sri Lanka. It is a multicultural city with inhabitants from all walks of life hailing from the multiplicity of the Island’s various ethnicities and cultures. Due to its centrality, it has also been home to political, economic and socio-cultural struggle.

A large family of organizations and individuals have carried out various forms of studies into the changing fabric of the city from approaches as diverse as human-rights, arts, grassroots activism and conflict analysis. Join us at the Rio Hotel from the 21st to the 30th of August at #MyColombo, to experience a space within Shadow Scenes that brings together various perspectives on the city into a single interactive space.
Featured artists and organizations.

Muvindu Binoy,
Firi Rahman,
Naveen Marasinghe
The Picture Press,
Abdul Halik Azeez,
Minal Naomi,
The Center for Policy Alternatives
Shanika Perera
Sharni Jayawardene,
Malaka Pathamalal,
Murad Mohideen,
Selected Instagram Artists,
Moratuwa University Dept. of Integrated Design.